March 22, 2010

I Saw Him Standing There

Carter gets something set in his little mind, and there's no changing it!  I'm pretty sure he gets that stubborn streak from his father.

Right now, we're supposed to be working on rolling and sitting. 

Seems reasonable, right?! 


Carter is only interested in standing.  He's all about practicing his weight bearing on my lap, OR in the Exersaucer.

In other news, his bloodwork came back from Endocrinology and there are a few things that measured low, but still within normal limits.  We have to go back in April for another blood and urine test.

Mikey and Jovie have been sick with a virus that gave them a nice sounding cough and fever.  So far, Carter seems to have only contracted a minor cough and is otherwise fine.  We'll just keep watchin' him.

We're quite excited for the Operation Smile 5K since it seems that the weather is going to cooperate (still keeping my fingers crossed). Can you believe that the little guy is going to be one this weekend?!


Kristin said...

Who needs to sit when you can stand, right?! Happy pre-birthday Carter!

Colleen said...

Oh he has the most precious eyes. That is great news that he's bearing weight on his legs. Go Carter!

Kelli said...

Way to go Carter!! What cute little feetsies you have!!

I felt like he was looking right at me in that one picture! :)

Lacey said...

Wow, the big 1! How great. And I could just eat those piggies!

Phyllis said...

Why sit when the bumbo does it for you? Glad he is keeping that cold away!

Anderson Family said...

So cute! Can't believe he is going to be one! We are counting down our days to our Carter's birthday as well! Can't wait!

Knowledge Safari said...

Adorable pics! Way to go Carter!

Jenn said...

I CANNOT believe he will be one!!! Sweet little man!