April 22, 2010

Feverishly Cross That One Off The List

I tried to come up with a unique title, but I'm not sure if it really worked.

Anyway, Carter's got a fever.


It started yesterday morning with a little fast breathing and developed into a fever within an hour. He was pretty miserable for the rest of the day and through the night. The good news is that I'm pretty sure that it's a reaction to his MMR vaccine that he received on Monday afternoon. With my other kids the fever develops that night, but as we all know...C likes to be different. He shows no other symptoms other than those caused by the fever, so I'm not too worried (hopefully I don't need to be). He's acting like himself today, so it may be gone by now. I've been giving him meds, which is keeping it in check.

We got some good news today. Carter's bloodwork from last week came back normal, so we don't need to see the Endocrinologist anymore. We actually get to cross a doctor off of our list for once! WOO HOO!


heather said...

One less doctor for Carter is great news! Congrats little guy!

Hope the fever's gone, glad that he is back to his normal self. He's so sweet, I would love to just snuggle with him! =)

Michelle said...

Wahoo for crossing off a doctor. That is always excellent news. Will be praying this is just a little vaccine fever. ((hugs))

Lacey said...

Yeah for one less doctor! I bet the fever was from that vaccine! I have those clothes still, I guess I was hoping there was a time were I could give them to you in person!