April 5, 2010

Our Easter & The Unveiling

This was Carter's first Easter at home. He still wasn't feeling all that good, but he sure did enjoy some of the prizes that were in his Easter basket.

This next pic was taken before they tore into everything. Carter wasn't quite awake yet!

Carter certainly enjoyed hanging out with Papa! He loved trying to grab his mustache.

On another note, I've finally finished designing our Team Carter T-Shirts. What do you think?

They are going to be printed on white short sleeved shirts. I'm so excited!


Chrissy said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE THe logo for the Tshirts!!! ANd omg Heather, you have THE CUTEST kids evah!!!

Lacey said...

Oh the shirts are going to be so cute! Did you design that yourself? How did you do it? I wanted to get Jax picture on ours but the guy couldn't do it. I would love to find someone that can for next year.
And we definitely love kids with a chromosomal disorder, since Jax has that too!

Becky said...

I LOVE the shirts. :) So cute!!!

Sherry C said...

Great shirts and I also LOVE someone with a Chromosomal Disorder too!!

The VW's said...

I'm quite sure that your children could not have been any cuter.....what beautiful little ones! Thanks for visiting our blog! I'll be back to yours again, for sure! Love the t-shirt design!

Junior said...

Such cute pics of the kids.

Love the tshirt design

Anonymous said...

I like it i think we are doing carter proud.

Phyllis said...

love, love, love the t-shirt logo!! I read your post from Wednesday and I'm glad Carter is properly dx and feeling better. That must have been so scary. You must be feeling wiped out today.