April 26, 2010

Lord Of The Bracelets

Carter's slowly getting better. He was supposed to have Occupational Therapy today, but got tired very quickly, so we had an easy day. Ughh! This month has been so frustrating because I feel like Carter is getting really bored like he wants to get rolling and sitting, but he physically can't even try when he's sick. This is how it is quite often for Carter...two steps forward, one step back. Like our motto says, we just need to keep on keepin' on! Michael had some Team Carter bracelets made, and here is little C showing off his grabbing skills with one.

"My Precious" ... this picture reminds me of The Lord Of The Rings.

Carter got some exciting things in the mail today too! He has a little crush on our friend Kathy. She's always on the lookout for him, and sent him these awesome glasses to help protect his little eyes at Mikey's Soccer games. I PROMISE to get some better pics of him in these adorable glasses, because honestly this pic doesn't do them justice, but I had to show you. Thank you Kathy! XOXO from Carter!

The kids have also been getting some letters from a doggie named Chico (pics of this cutie pie to come soon). Chico is telling his story about how he had a bunch of surgeries, and how they helped him to be healthy and happy. Mikey and Jovie are loving it, and I think it's helping them to understand what happens when Carter has surgeries. Thank you so much to our cousin Pat for taking the time to do this for them. We really appreciate it!


Sherry C said...

Sounds like your extended family is so supportive. That's so great. He is one cool dude in those glasses. That is amazing that he can pick up that bracelet. Ashley could not pick up anything at that age she couldn't even bring her hands to her mouth. He is going to go so far. I promise you will be amazed.
Ashley can pick up anything now it took a while but it's fab!

Colleen said...

It does get frustrating when these kiddo's get sick and are too tired to move around. We go through that with the little guy and, but then he eventually gains his strength back. Carter is doing well holding the bracelet with both hands. He's such a cute boy!

Lacey said...

Its so frustrating taking two steps back and one forward, i feel like we never get ahead. I was just thinking today that Jax oxygen need has gotten higher, not lower, as he is getting older. Whats up with that!