October 21, 2010


Dear Carter,
A very nice friend of ours had given us tickets to Lagoon, so we decided to take Mikey and Jovie last Friday. They were so excited to go since they had never been before. Jovie started out the adventure pretty nervous about the rides, and it probably didn't help that the first ride we took her on was Dracula's Castle. I'll never forget how tiny she looked in that little cart, and was grateful when she snuggled up next to me for comfort. Jovie put on her brave face though, and was willing to try another scary ride afterward. The whole night was a lot of fun! I took pictures with my new phone, and my favorite is the one of them in the car together. What a cute couple!
I talked to the manager at Lowe's today, and we submitted a request to have one of their trees donated as your tree. It sounds promising, and I'll know for sure in a couple of weeks. As I was talking to him, I was telling him all about you. I started to feel an overwhelming sense of pride about you, and it made my whole day! I still feel so SO lucky to have been your mommy. You make me proud baby boy! So far we received several ornaments, but could definitely use some more. I'm very excited about how everything is coming together, and am looking forward to the official decorating day.
If anyone is still interested in donating an ornament, please send me an email at teamcarterjay@gmail.com . We appreciate all of the ornaments that we've received so far...this tree is going to ROCK!


Colleen said...

You should be so proud of that little man. He was a fighter and inspired many with his little life! He's still touching lives with operation smile and his awesome tree. Go Carter!

Jenn said...

Totally loving the pic of Jovie and Mikey driving...they look like such a cute couple! <3 you guys!