July 10, 2011

I'm Here

Dear Carter,

It's been another crazy busy week, and once again your blog got a little neglected. I feel OK with it though since most of my creative energy has been focused on a new project I am starting for you (more info on that to come!). I haven't made much headway on it, but I've been in the brainstorming phase. I'm pretty excited about it!

Things have been going well the last few days. I did go through your things this weekend and decided that it was time to give some of your gear to kids who could use it. I obviously kept the things that were your favorites, or were important to me, but I felt as though it was time for the other things which you never really used to move to a new home. I hope that the children who receive them really enjoy them. It made me sad to look through your clothes and I found myself trying to smell a few of my favorites in hopes that I would catch your scent. Of course it had faded. I honestly felt as though you were with me through the whole process, so thank you for comforting me baby boy. I was THRILLED to find your handprint and footprint...I wasn't sure exactly where that was because I had kind of put everything into totes.

I wanted to thank all of our readers for the positive feedback I received from my post about What It's Really Like. I'm so glad that I decided to actually hit the publish button on that one, because there were times when I felt that it might have been too honest. Thank you for your very kind comments and support. I'm hoping that it may be able to help somebody.

I'll be updating again very soon with pictures from our holiday.

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Kimberly Krey said...

Oh, going through those things couldn't have been easy. Glad he was there to comfort you! XOXOXO