July 13, 2011

Off We Go

Dear Carter,

Today we are off to the zoo. It's been a year since we've been there so your brother and sister are pretty excited about the adventure. We are going with Grandma Sherie, and later this afternoon we are meeting one of her friends for an early dinner. Hopefully your brother and sister will behave!

Things have been going OK lately. I somehow managed to get myself on the PTA board for next year as the Health and Safety Commissioner, and since I've NEVER done ANYTHING like this before I've been trying to get all of my ducks in a row (so to speak). I've never pictured myself as the PTA type, but am looking forward to the challenges. I'm hoping that I can do an excellent job for these kids. I really do love the school.

I've also been working on your project. I'm still stumped as to what to call it, but am hopeful that God will show me the proper name in the next few days. Come on God! I need a little inspiration here!

Otherwise we just Keep On Keepin' On around here. I miss you like crazy little guy!

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