July 20, 2011

Independence Day

Dear Carter,
I'm a little late getting these on here, but at least I'm doing it now. Here are some pictures from our Fourth Of July weekend. This is Daddy's favorite holiday, and it holds a special place in my heart because I remember it as being one of the first important holidays we got to spend with you. Here's an awesome pic of the majority of Team Carter waiting for the parade. Mikey loves parades.....well, mostly he loves the candy

Jovie had cousin, Sam, paint her face for the occasion.

Here are the two best sister in laws a girl could ask for. Oh how I love these girls! Uncle Marty started a HUGE water fight between the adults and kids. I think that they all had a blast (and we did too!)

All of the men in charge of the arsenal
Even the beefcake had a good time!
Love your Grandmas!
Before the water fight!
Of course we took a moment to visit you and decorate for the Fourth. Those blue flowers are from our garden in the backyard!

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Colleen said...

It looks like you are having an awesome summer! I like sisters face painting.