December 23, 2012

The Festival Of Trees - The True Spirit Of Christmas

Dear Carter,

Have I mentioned to you how much I LOVE the Festival Of Trees?!? 

I feel as though it happened so, SO long ago, yet it's been less than a month.  This year we decided to go ahead and try our hand at the large trees.  I think that we did a pretty darn good job for our first year! You were actually represented by seven, YES SEVEN! items that were decorated and donated in your memory.  Each year it just keeps getting bigger and better!

When we got there, Daddy got to work putting the lights on your tree.  We had a lot of them!

We were sure to add a LOT of personal "Carter" touches to this tree.  Remember when Under Armour donated a whole bunch of stuff for your display??  This hat was in there, and you could personalize it with any number you would like.  We chose to use "CJ" for Carter Jay instead.  I loved how the elf is wearing a hat!

Then we had some fun with the blocks under the tree!
 All of the elves either had a headband, hat, or backpack to sport your Under Armour stuff.
Just like you always used to sport!

 We are so blessed by the best friends who continue to help us with this each and every year.
We love you and miss you so much Baby Boy!

 Grandma Geri donated a small tree, a centerpiece, and helped her cousin with another five foot tree.  She sure does love you!

 Cousin Monica, Uncle Marty, Aunt Nelva, and Cousin Erika worked on a tree for you.  It turned out adorable!
 Aunt Stacy and Cousin Samantha decorated a beautiful 12 Days Of Christmas tree. So cute!
 Aunt Nancy made a pinecone wreath that got a LOT of attention by a bunch people.  It's spectacular!

 And of course your brother and sister with their little trees.
Your Daddy and I went back on Opening Night, and I am thrilled to tell you that ALL of your items sold.  We even got to meet the people who purchased your Large tree for a whopping $4080!  When everything was said and done, Team Carter managed to raise well over $5000 in your memory.  We are so proud to do this for you every year, and already have plans for next year. 
Thank you so much for showing us the true meaning of Christmas, and even though this time of year is much tougher for us with the missing you, doing things like this makes it so much better.
I miss you my sweet little darling.  I hope that  you have the perfect Christmas celebration, and even if I don't get the chance to tell you so on this blog, know that I am constantly thinking of you and missing you with all of my heart.

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Colleen said...

Wow those tree are amazing! I can tell that sweet Carter is loved and missed by many. I had meant to send an ornament, but then time got the best of me:( Merry Christmas!!