December 2, 2012

Your Big Brother

Dear Carter,

Mikey and I have this thing where we lay in his bed at night, and he reads to me.  A couple of months ago, in the middle of a Magic Treehouse book, he turned to me and said "Momma, I want to ask you something, but I'm nervous".  Considering that Mikey never gets very serious about anything, I was anxious to hear what he had to say. 

"Would it be OK if I did my own tree for Carter this year?"

I was absolutely shocked.  We had been planning on your brother and sister doing a combined tree for you, and had I had no idea that Mikey had even given it a second thought.  Of course I was thrilled that he wanted to take on this project.  He decided to make a tree about his favorite story, The Grinch.

We shopped for all kinds of crazy ornaments to make it into a WhoVille tree, and I do believe that your brother was pleased with the outcome.  He even had some crazy twinkle lights!
 That is one proud big brother!  He loves you so much my sweet baby.

Both your brother and your sister's trees sold!  Whenever you ask them why they made their trees, they say "To help other kids like Carter".
How did we get so lucky?

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I Just Love You said...

great tree! you have some wonderful kiddos. :)