December 1, 2012

Your Girl!

Dear Carter,
Wow, you are so lucky baby boy!  You have a sister that loves you with all of her heart.  I used to worry that she would forget you because she was so young, but she hasn't seemed to at all.  In fact, she talks about you all.the.time.  She draws you pictures all.the.time. And so, whenever she has a chance to do something for her baby brother, this girl is all over it!
Jovie decided that she wanted to do her tree in the theme of birds.  After yesterday's story, I'm sure that you understand why.  Birds have a very special meaning to your girl.
She decorated every inch of this tree.  I only helped by wiring on the ornaments...she was adament that the birds had to be equally spread out, and even the star had a lot of thought put into it.  She thought that it looked like a little birdie had put it together.  So sweet!
Here is the final product.  It turned out simply perfect!

 And of course since we only had a short time with this tree, we took a LOT of pictures to remember it.  I can't believe how big she is getting.
 We even took an impromptu picture of the Beefcake.

Good job Jovie Jo.  We are so proud of you, and your love for your baby brother!


Colleen said...

Those are adorable photos and so sweet that she made a tree for her baby brother. Forever in her heart<3

I Just Love You said...

she is beautiful and getting so are not kidding!