February 18, 2011


Dear Carter,
Today is a BIG day for us. Your big sister is turning FIVE! We're all so happy for her because this is a big milestone for her. She's ecstatic about her party tonight, and requested a peacock theme which was a little tricky, but with a little compromise we are making it work.

When we were pregnant with Jovie, we decided not to find out the sex of the baby. I was determined that she was going to be a boy, but Daddy thought otherwise. His theory was that the reason I was so mean all of the time was because I had too many female hormones in one body. He may have been on to something there! I remember the day she was born just like it was yesterday. We had scheduled for her to be delivered on the 21st since all of our birthdays fall on the 21st, but started feeling some strong contractions that morning. Daddy, Mikey, and I all went shopping where they just kept on coming on stronger. Daddy finally convinced me to go to the hospital at around 5:00 pm. I was definitely in labor, but not progressing too much. They started me on Pitocin, and I progressed quickly after that. She was born after two pushes. My little 6 lb. 11 oz sweetheart.

I remember feeling absolutely shocked that I had a little girl now. We had several names picked out, but after a few minutes we decided that Jovie Lynn would be her name. This year your sister has accomplished so many things! She learned how to write her name, your name, and everyone else's name in the family (she's still working on learning how to write Brutus). She is a very talented artist, and is doing excellent in her dance and tumbling classes. Jovie also started playing Soccer last Spring. Most importantly, she's learning all about God and Jesus. We are so proud of her, and are blessed to have her in our family.

Here is a picture from Jovie's first day of school when she had to wear her butterfly outfit to take you with her.

The day that she put these tattoos on all by herself, then showed me her "guns"
The incredible peacock costume! Oh this girl and her peacocks!
Our trip to the Dinosaur museum. I love her eyes!

Just like her momma....loves taking pictures. We were trying to catch a rainbow here.
Hanging out at Mikey's T-ball game. She's a natural beauty.
Butterflies again! This girl loves you!

Showing some of her spunk. Yes, that's an AC/DC shirt in her size. Just like her momma!
Jovie Lynn, we love you more than anything. Thank you for being our little sweetheart and for taking such good care of your brothers. Baby girl, you can do anything you put your mind to!


Kristin said...

Happy Birthday Jovie!

Sherry C said...

Another beautiful post. Happy Birthday Jovie!

wendy said...

happy birthday to the cutest little jovie that's ever graced the planet. jovie, you are an absolute doll...just like your momma.

Laurel said...

She is seriously one of the prettiest girls I've seen! I love that she loves peacocks, that's too cute! Happy Birthday Jovie!

Phyllis said...

She is such a sweetie and growing up so much!