February 20, 2011

Jovie's Birthday Party

Dear Carter,
Your sister says that she had the best birthday ever! She's quite proud of herself for being five now, and begins practically every sentence with "now that I'm five, I can...". What a cutie! Daddy was so sweet, and brought her home a rose. She loved it!She also got a bouquet of butterflies, colorful birds, and flower cookies from our friends Kathy and Terry. Thank you! She loved them...it was a chore to keep her from diving into them long enough to get a picture. Ha!Her Peacock cake. It turned out much better than I expected. She was thrilled that she has another peacock to add to her collection. And our girl finally got to have her own pinata. She usually doesn't because it's so cold outside, but we made sure to get her one this year. It was cold outside, but the kids had fun!Ignore the crazy tumbling hair. This is what happens when you practice your "tricks" over and over and over again.And last, but not least. I KNOW that some of you are DYING to see our new little guy. He is doing so well, and really has been very healing for me (and I'm pretty sure for the rest of the family too). He has gotten his confidence, and has no problem barking at the other dogs to let them know his opinion. He's also not afraid of the snow, and has plowed his own path even when the snow is taller than him! I just love his little personality!

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Phyllis said...

Love that she is working the "5" angle already! And so impressed that you went with the peacock theme rather than trying to talk her into something more mainstream. What a great mama you are. After losing my mother in law suddenly in October, my father in law got a puppy last month. That little ball of fluff has done an amazing job helping him in the healing process. Glad your little puppy {looks like with a big attitude} is doing the same.