May 19, 2010

Another Update

Echocardiogram = Check. Still waiting to hear the results though, so please pray for good ones.

Eyelid = Check. Carter's going to look like Rocky. The doctor said that his eye will be so swollen that he won't be able to open it for a few days, and he has stitches on the top and bottom lids.

Urology = Check. Still waiting to talk to the doctor about it, but it seems to have gone well.

ABR (hearing test) = Check. His hearing has gotten worse. They think it's due to fluid behind his eardrum. We have an appt with ENT next month, so we'll talk about it more then. Luckily, this doesn't affect his hearing aid, so he can still hear with it on.

Plastic Surgery = In Progress. They have taken the mold for the new prosthetic hard palate, but the plastic surgeon has not started on the soft palate yet. Hopefully not too much longer.

The nurse says that Carter's doing great. Keep on Keepin' On little buddy!!


Kristin said...

Great update :)

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Sounds like a good update! I hope he is out of there soon.

Kelli said...

Thanks for updating us Heather! Glad to hear things are going well!

Sweet Pea's Mommy said...

Thanks for updating us! We are continuing to pray for Carter!

Junior said...

happy to hear good news, keeping Carter in our prayers.

ParkerMama said...

Sounding good!

Tammy and Parker
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