May 5, 2010


It's past midnight here, and the little guy has decided that he wants a late night playing session. I tried joining him, but he's more interested in talking to his firefly than talking to me. I'm hoping that his UTI isn't coming back. He woke up pretty upset, and it took a long time to calm him down. He does have a pretty nasty diaper rash, so that could be something to do with it, but I'm really not convinced. I took his PJs off to check him over while he was having a fit, and he's fine as long as I don't try and put the PJs back on. I guess he just doesn't like them tonight. If you were to come to our house right now (which would really freak me out because who comes to your door at 12:30 am??), you'd see a baby playing on the floor in nothing but a diaper. Don't judge me.

I'm sitting here wondering what the morning brings. Today was such an awesome day, and it's been a while since we've had one like this. Carter had physical therapy, and it was one of those sessions where his airway sounded perfect and he worked really hard while making it look easy. It's so cute to see your baby start to develop muscles...I never really noticed it in my other two, but with Carter I can see that he's getting forearm muscles and calf muscles. He's like my little body builder! I think that he's finally regained most of his strength from being sick all month, and with that I can see him improving on his head control and sitting. I am simply amazed at how much his hand eye coordination has improved as well. If you dangle a toy in front of him, he can usually get it within three tries. That's huge!

OK, enough rambling. I hope that everyone has a great day tomorrow....I think that I should probably set the timer on the coffee pot...I'm going to need it! I'll end this post with a few new pics.


Maureen said...

Just found your blog and I have fallen in love with Carter!! What a cutie! Blessings to you and your family!

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

I sure hope you get a nap today! Sleepless nights are the worst.

Those pictures are so cute. I love the little tuft that sticks up in the back of his head! :)

Junior said...

so cute. Sure hope you can get some sleep. We know all about sleepless nights. Carter can come hang out with Junior he doesn't think sleeping at night is cool at all.

Lacey said...

Jax does the opossite. He is an extremely early riser. 5 am this morning he was up. My eyes are still burning from lack of sleep!