May 13, 2010

The Colt Stampede

On Friday, Michael participated in our niece's school 5K. He took 13th overall in the race, and 2nd in his age group (old man). The kids and I stayed behind and waited, but we will be participating in the next one on Memorial Day as long as Carter is up for it.

Here's Michael stretching with our niece Emily (the author)

Mikey showing off his one missing tooth. He's lost the other one on top since then.

My other niece, Samantha (in her awesome Team Carter shirt), brother-in-law Justin, and sister-in-law Stacy.

At the finish line!
Way to go to all of the runners in our family. Even Grandma Geri finished the 5K. You guys are amazing!
Just a heads up to anyone who doesn't know. Lacey is holding an auction over on Makayla's blog to raise money to bring this little sweetie home. Take a peek and see if anything catches your eye. The bidding ends tomorrow!



Brett said...

Was Michael sprinting past the kid in front of him, or was it the other way around?

Cathy said...

Hi. I'm not sure how I got to your blog but I was curious once I got here. I work in a NICU and also do homecare nursing and we recently had a baby with a chromosomal mix between 2, 13 and 14. The geneticist is still working it out. The baby had Hirschbrung's Disease, is deaf and possibly blind. We also now have a baby with an extra piece on 13. He is also going through further studies.
Speedy recovery for Carter's surgery. I hope does great and remembers none of it. Thanks for posting his info to help caregivers like me learn from you.