March 3, 2012

The Seventh Little Thing.....That Means You're Having A Party!

Dear Carter,

I'm sorry that I didn't post anything yesterday. I was just plain drained and couldn't think of anything to say. Today has been a bit better Today was a very big day for your big brother. He made his very first Reconciliation. He and I took a trip up to the church this morning so he could talk to the priest. Before the priest got started with all of the kids, he made a little speech to the students in which he said that God would be having a party tonight with all of the angels because the kids were confessing their sins. Mikey looked back at me and smiled, and I knew exactly what he was thinking.....he was excited that you got to go to a party tonight!! I hope that it was awesome!

Your brother will be making his First Holy Communion in April, and he couldn't be more excited. It makes me happy to see how much faith he has, and to also watch it grow. I don't think there is anything more rewarding as a parent. He is becoming his very own child of Christ.
This week was also tie day at his school where he chose to wear his Daddy's Broncos tie. He's picked the wrong team if you ask me! :)