March 1, 2012

The Sixth Little Thing.....That Just Plain Sucks

Dear Carter
I just got back from the viewing of the young man who passed away this last weekend, and it has left me seriously wounded. I am grateful that I had the sense to not attempt the funeral at this point, although I would love to be able to support my friend even more.

It's just not in me right now.

I was happy to see so many people who came to support the family.  It is obvious that he was a special boy, and his loss will be far-reaching. As I made my way through the line, I was flooded with memories of your funeral, and it just plain hurt. I started to realize that God blessed me, and my friend's family, in much the same way.

He gave us both a lot of support for these hard times.

I honestly don't think that I would have healed at all from your loss without these three...

and I know that our family wouldn't be doing very well at all if we didn't have the support of our family and friends.

Today I am thankful to our Father for placing these people in our lives.  For giving them the means to aid us in our journey of healing.  For allowing me to hopefully give even one single second of comfort to this family who is new on the journey. For continuing to show me how much I miss you, even though it hurts so much. 

Those kinds of moments remind me how much I love you.

Now, I'm going to go and take a hot bath and go to bed, but I will also be praying for the Birch family.  My heart hurts.

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The Wife!! said...

Heather.. My heart hurts for you right now. I am so sorry my friend! May you one day be able to have the comfort you need to be able to attend a funeral and not ache for your son. I do realize that I am sure every day you yearn/ache for the touch of him. I am confident that one day it wont hurt so much! Hugs to you!!!