February 29, 2012

The Fifth Little Thing.....That Is HUGE!

I've actually known about this for about a week, but am just barely able to announce it.

I know that I have talked about my friend, Wendy, before but I'm not sure if I have mentioned her cutie pie son, Hudson.

Hudson just turned eight years old, so he's a bit younger in this pic, but those adorable eyes haven't changed much! 

The thing about Hudson is that his mommy and I have this great plan where he and Jovie will get married someday.  Who knows if that will actually happen, but for now we can enjoy looking at Peacock wedding cakes.....ok, not really because I would be just fine with Jovie staying six FOREVER.

Anyway, Wendy, Hudson, and family have recently moved to Virginia Beach which is near the headquarters for Operation Smile. In case you don't know, Operation Smile is the charity that we absolutely love, and we have done several fundraisers in memory of Carter.

One of the cool things about Wendy living in Virginia Beach is that since they ARE so close to Operation Smile, they get to participate in all kinds of cool activities.

And Hudson has decided to do one of them in memory of Carter.

Hudson will be running a marathon to benefit Operation Smile.  You heard me right, a MARATHON.  Now, obviously we wouldn't want the poor kid to get too tired, so the marathon is actually spread out a bit.  He will work on it during his recesses and lunches to get to 25.2 miles, and will do the last mile on St Patricks Day on the Virginia Beach Boardwalk.  You can read more about the event here: Operation Smile Final Mile.

He is hoping to raise enough money for at least one life-changing surgery which is only $240.  Hudson just barely posted his page, and he's already almost halfway there!   If you are interested in donating, you can click on this link, or on the picture below: Hudson's One Smile Page

Of course we will be following his progress, and we are so blessed to have people who care enough about Carter to do something like this in his memory.  Thank you so much Hudson!  We're behind you all the way!!


Junior said...

this is so special, way to go Hudson

Kimberly Krey said...

Sounds awesome! Good luck Hudson! :)