February 28, 2012

The Fourth Little Thing.......That I've Been Blessed With

Dear Carter,

Today I have been reminded of how much I love the blogging world, and how blessed I am to have found so much support and so many friendships through it.  It's all because of you my sweet boy, because before I never realized that the world of Special Needs blogs even existed until I was a part of it.

One of my favorite blogs has always been Junior's Amazing Journey .  Junior has a HUGE infectious smile that I just love (check it out....you'll agree!!), and his mommy, Heidi, is so upbeat and positive.  She's constantly finding new ways to adapt games and use toys to give Junior so many different opportunities at learning.  I have always admired her ability to do this.

Heidi and Junior have taken on a special project that we are excited and humbled to be a part of.  They make memory buddies for those of our special friends who have earned their wings, and they were kind enough to include you.  Here is your little tubie buddy...

Isn't he just the sweetest??  We are beyond grateful to be a part of this special project. Thank you so much Heidi and Junior.  We will cherish this little guy forever, and Mikey and Jovie can not wait to cuddle with him.

They are in need of extra tubing and supplies, so if you have any extras that you can spare, please take a moment to contact her.  She could certainly use them! 


Junior said...

Thank you so much for your kind words. We were blessed to be able to make this little buddy for you guys, and so thankful to have found your blog and gotten to "meet" your precious boy. Such an amazing and inspiring little guy.

Colleen said...

I love the monkey! What a great idea and a wonderful way to remember sweet Carter!