February 20, 2012


Dear Carter,

Well, it's time to get caught up again.  There has been a lot going on around here which includes some vacation planning (hooray!!), Valentines Day, and of course a girly girl turning six.  Before we could get to all of that, we had to celebrate Jovie's best buddy....Thunderbolt!   As you may have noticed, Thunderbolt celebrates her birthday party about once every three months making her the oldest pony EVER!

 But that little Jovie loves to throw her a party, so we got to baking.

So, what does a little horsey want on it's birthday??

Why, apple pie of course!  Jovie got a couple of these Baby Cakes machines instead of the Easy Bake Oven, and she absolutely LOVES them.  She can make pretzels, cupcakes, and mini pies.  So much fun!
Then after they were finished we had to complete the party with a candle and a Happy Birthday song.  Thunderbolt looked quite pleased.

 Next, we celebrated Valentine's Day.  It started off with some gorgeous roses from your Daddy.  He's such a sweetheart.   He also treated your brother and sister with some cool balloons with prizes inside.  They were thrilled!  Mikey and Jovie had Catechism that night, so while they were there, Daddy and I took a trip to the Deseret Industries, and got some Del Taco on the way home.

Yep, that's how we do Valentine's Day around here!

I sure do miss you my funny valentine.  I hope that you like the way we decorated your grave this year.  I have noticed that Mikey and Jovie have been talking about you more which is good, but it also hurts at times.  I hope you know that these types of holidays just don't feel complete without you, but we do our best to carry on.

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