February 1, 2012

Always On My Mind

Dear Carter,

It seems as though I'm not the only one who has had you on my mind lately.  The other day your sister came home with some writing on her arm.  I was just about to tell her that we don't write on ourselves when I noticed that it read "Carter McMerrick". 

I felt the air leave my lungs and felt the sadness creep its way into me, but it was soon replaced by pride.  That little girl is so proud to be your sister, and she misses you as much as I do.  We can't help it!

As I told you before, Mikey is very into making Powerpoint presentations right now.  Well, he told your Daddy and I that he had made one as a surprise for us.  When he showed it to us the tears started to fall.  It started out with a slide that read "Carter's Hope"...then went to one that said something like "Team Carter Rocks!"...then to another that read "He is in the sky".  This was his way of showing how much he loves you which is a big step for Mikey.  He really is a closed book when it comes to you.  He asked me today if we were going to the Operation Smile run this year.  I told him that I wasn't sure because I couldn't get in touch with the race coordinator from last year.....that's when he told me that he thinks we should just do one of our own which is something that your Daddy and I have been talking about.  Now we just need to make it happen!

We had your brother and sister's parent teacher conferences this week, and we are very pleased with how well they are doing.  They are growing so fast.  Jovie even got herself a loose tooth this weekend.  It just seems as though it's going way too fast!


Lacey said...

Oh sweet baby Carter! I miss seeing your sweet face on your momma's blog. Sometimes you wonder how you can miss someone that you never really knew in person, but we do!

Junior said...

sweet angel boy, you are so very loved.
thanks so much, we would love any tubies you might have. We would also love to make you a memory tubie for Carter. I am just doing them as I can so it could a while before it gets done but would love to make you guys one.