February 21, 2012

Beautiful Girl

Dear Carter,

Well, it's official.  Your beautiful sister is now six years old!

When I ask her if she had a good birthday, she says "Yep!"

We started off by going to her very favorite restaurant, The Olive Garden, for lunch.  I think she gets that from me!

Then we came home to have her birthday party with all of our family.  She could NOT figure out what that big birthday present was, and kept on insisting that it was a black Pug.

Not yet little sweetie, not yet.  It was a dollhouse instead which she adored.

Grandma got her some roller blades which she practiced with a little bit.

Happy Birthday little Jovie Jo.  You are growing up into an amazing girl, and I'm so proud to be your mommy.


I Just Love You said...

wow, she really is getting older looking! happy birthday!

Kristin said...

Happy birthday! My 6 yr old's favorite restaurant is Olive Garden too!