August 29, 2009

Day Four

Carter is still keepin' on. He had a good day today although he was pretty fussy at times. I think that he's just sick of being there, and he had some loud neighbors. We're pretty sure that the suctioning of the fluid and placement of the ear tube has helped his hearing because he seems to be overly sensitive to noise. Imagine what it must be like to wake up hearing much better than when you fell asleep. He was still on high flow when we left, but he's supposed to be switched to regular Oxygen in the next couple of hours. If he does well, he will be moved to the Infant Unit in the morning. My best guess is that he will need to spend the night in there before he can come home, but we'll have to see what the docs think. He's continuing to heal well (sorry no pic today), and is looking more and more like Mikey now. It's really an amazing transformation.

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