August 20, 2009


We went to the new Pulmonologist doctor yesterday, and it was a good visit. There was a lot of information discussed, but I'm not going to get into all of it right now. Basically, the plan is to get Carter started on BiPap while he is in the hospital next week. BiPap is a machine similar to the CPAP that he was on in the NICU. The difference is that first the mask is larger and will cover a lot of his face. It really looks a lot worse than it it, and honestly it's only while he's sleeping so what's the big deal?! I know that my little boy will get used to it, and knowing that it's going to help him be more mobile during the day is definitely worth it. The BiPap machine forces air into his lungs, and then also helps him to exhale. The doc thinks that once we get that working for Carter he could possibly get off of Oxygen during the day. I can't even imagine life with Carter not on Oxygen. It would be pretty awesome! She also thinks that a lot of his breathing problems are being caused by the cleft palate. She thinks that things may improve when he gets the prosthetic put in next week, and that POSSIBLY he could outgrow all of this. That is the condensed version. Now we sit and wait until his surgery. Luckily we'll be celebrating Mikey's sixth birthday this weekend which will make the time go by a lot quicker. I'm trying to enjoy every minute of it before Carter has to stay in the hospital again.


Megs said...

Good Luck Carter! (And mom) He'll do great like he always does!

Phyllis said...

glad things are moving along and hope everything goes well with the surgery!