August 18, 2009

Small Prayers

Over the weekend, it was just windy enough to fly some kites. The boys learned a hard lesson when Jovie and I got her kite in the air quite quickly while the boys struggled with the million dollar kite Michael had bought the boys a few years ago. Go Team girls!! The kids thought that it was just about the funnest thing ever!
On Sunday I took Mikey and Jovie to get their haircuts for school. I finally caved in and got Jovie the most adorable little bob cut. She looks like she's about 14 in this picture. What happened to my baby girl :(

The rest of the weekend was spent trying to catch Carter's smile on film before it changes next week. We came close, but these aren't quite it.

Things are getting really crazy right now!! Today Carter had an appointment with Opthalmology, and it went really well. The doc said that Carter's vision is fine.... actually his vision in the right eye (the one he can't blink) is perfect, but the vision in the left is a little far-sighted. It isn't surprising that Carter is going to need glasses at some point, but we are thrilled that there aren't any other major issues. I've been nervous for this appointment for a long time, and it feels wonderful to finally have it over.
We have another appointment with a Pulmonologist tomorrow. We weren't too impressed with the one that was assigned to us during the last hospital stay, so we did some research of our own. We've been given a blessing in that one of our neighbors has a little girl with a rare form of Apnea. She recommended a doctor who happens to be one of the top Pulmonologists in the state (and comes highly recommended by some other people I have talked with). Luckily, although this doctor wasn't accepting new patients, our neighbor was able to get Carter in. YAY! He was scheduled to see her on September 9th, but we got a call today that there is a cancellation tomorrow. I've been praying that we'd be able to meet with her before Carter's surgery so that we could have a game plan in place and let her make any decisions that may come up during his stay, and it came through. God is so good! I will update tomorrow when I can.
Our next week is filled with the doc appts, Mikey's back to school night, Mikey's birthday, Mikey's party, and Mikey's first day of Kindergarten. All of this is followed by Carter's surgery. Yay for chaos!!!

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Shannon and Steve said...

Wow, You're going to be so busy! Good luck with everything Carter. We'll be thinking of you. I know how it is to have a child go through surgery. Although Brady's was very minor, I'm sure every mother feels the same levels of anxiety and fear. Let me know if you need anyone to talk to! Good luck and prayers!