August 25, 2009

First Day

Doesn't he look like a teenager in this pic? Mikey's first day of Kindergarten was yesterday. Well, it was kind of like a "faux" first day of school. I had to go with him and stay for 45 minutes while the teacher told us what to expect out of the year. He had to go back today for a quick test to show his teacher what areas he needs to work on, and now he's done until his first "official" day of Kindergarten on Monday. He seems to like his teacher, so hopefully he'll have a fun year.
Tomorrow is the BIG day for Carter. I still don't know the surgery time, but am assuming it will be in the morning. I have some pics of Carter and his daddy to post too. I finally got some done even though the baby cried during the whole thing. When I say the baby, I'm not referring to Carter. We will update when we can tomorrow, and are excited to post Carter's new look! Thank you for all of the prayers and well wishes.

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