August 24, 2009


It's official! Mikey is now six years old. Part of me is so proud of him and the other part is a little depressed that he's getting so big! We had a small family celebration on his actual birthday followed by his party on Saturday. Michael set up the pool and waterslide, and Mikey had all of his cousins and some of his friends over. The kids had a blast! There was even an Optimus Prime pinata. Thank you everyone for celebrating our little man's birthday with us. It was definitely one that he'll remember forever. He started school today, pics of that to come tomorrow.

If you're wondering where Carter was for the party, he spent the day tucked away in my bedroom. No worries though, all 3 of his Grandmas made sure that he was well taken care of.

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Rachael said...

Happy birthday Mikey. WOW 6, really! Time flies. That looked like a bday party I would have for Chris, all the Transformers. Heather I will be thinking of you a ton tomorrow, update as soon as you can. Love you guys. You are great friends.