January 27, 2011


Dear Carter,

I had lunch with one of my bestest friends in the whole wide world today, and we discusssed what my "B" post should be. When I left there, I had an idea for a different post, but when I got in my car this song came on the radio.

OK, OK, OK, now before I get bombarded with emails from people who know me well and are pretty sure that I've been taken over by some alien being if I am listening to Christian Rock, I want to say that I promise I haven't lost my mind, and you can feel free to tease me about it as much as you like, BUT it won't change the fact that this song is AWESOME!

When I listen to this song, I think of our first trip to Montana after you left. We were boating on the lake, and this was our view.My thought was...God created this, so what could Heaven possibly be like?

During those last few days with you, I would beg God to keep you here with me. I wanted as much time as possible with you because I love you so much, but I KNEW that in order for you to heal completely...in order for you to get BETTER, you'd have to leave this Earth.

In all honesty, it probably wasn't very fair of me to ask that of God because if I truly believe in His greatness, then I have to accept that life here on Earth is just a very small fraction of the big picture.

He IS that great.

I know that He made you BETTER in every way possible. We have to carry the pain of missing you during our journey on Earth, but you ARE BETTER, and that's all we ever really wanted. We will continue our faith that we will be with you much longer than we will be without you.

and that will make us be and feel a little BETTER.


Laurel said...

I loved this post Heather! I especially loved "If God created this, what could Heaven possibly be like?" I'm sure it's amazing. I'm sure that those on the other side are just waiting for all their loved ones to get there so that we can all see just how amazing it really is.
Love ya

Anonymous said...

yes...you will spend waaaaay more time WITH carter than without. ((hugs)) for the time left without him, but i absolutely believe he is ALL better too. i love that you are sharing these thoughts & emotions. love you so much.