January 25, 2011

Walking In Heaven

Dear Carter,

Well, our trip to Montana went as smoothly as possible. We hit a few rough weather patches, but luckily we came through them with no problems. Grandpa's funeral was simply beautiful. He was given the veteran's honors which was amazing to watch. Daddy's Aunt Patti and Cousin Renee wrote the obituary, and it was perfect. There was one part that was obviously my favorite...

"Those who have been truly blessed by Jay's love and talent find peace in knowing he is walking in Heaven alongside his beloved son Mike while holding great-grandson Carter Jay in his arms."

I have no doubts that this is what is really happening up there. I'll bet you guys are having quite the party!

I went to your grave yesterday to clean it up a bit. The winter weather had not been too nice to it, so it needed a little work. Jovie, Cousin Justin, and I decorated it for Valentine's Day. We even found a little red monkey to go along with our theme. I hope that you like it.

After all, you are my little valentine.

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