January 18, 2011

Off To The Great White North

Dear Carter,
The last couple of days have been very busy trying to get everyone ready for our trip to Montana. Daddy and Mommy are the only ones going, and the grandmas will be taking care of your brother and sister while we're gone. We didn't feel like they were quite ready to attend another funeral...they need a little more time for healing first.

Oh the simplicity of children....when I told Jovie that Grandpa was with you now, she told me that it was so cool because he got to hold you now. I'll bet he's been holding you a lot!

I'll be thinking of you and praying for you a lot during our trip. I'm confident that you're with your Grandpa Mike and Grandpa Jay.....just be sure that you three don't cause too much trouble! We miss you all so much that it hurts, but I keep remembering a saying that I read recently. It said something like "the time that we are away from our loved ones here on Earth is MUCH shorter than the time that we'll be with you in Heaven". It's almost become my mantra, and helps my heart so much.

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