October 28, 2011

The Carnival

Dear Carter,
Last weekend was the school's annual Halloween Carnival. This year I got to help put it together and saw the "behind the scenes" and let me just say....there's a lot more that goes into planning these school carnivals than you would think. I only helped with some very minor details, and I was still tired!

Your brother and sister have some cute costumes this year. Jovie is of course Rapunzel, and Mikey is a Ninja. They seem to really like their costumes, and had fun dressing up for the costume parade.

The carnival had a little spook house, and a whole bunch of games with prizes. We had a ton of fun, and the best part was that Daddy got to come too! He was out of town last year, so he didn't get to come.

Your brother and sister get to go to another carnival with their cousins this weekend, so they're certainly getting their fill of Halloween activities.

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Colleen said...

Your kids are sooo cute! I love the Rapunzel outfit...what a little princess!