November 6, 2011

Carter Love and NyQuil

Today one of the things I am thankful for is NyQuil. I have been sick all weekend with a nasty cold, and I can't seem to shake it. I took the NyQuil about ten minutes ago which means I have about five more minutes to get this post done before it won't make any sense.

The second thing that I'm thankful for is the Carter love that I still see in people. I get asked all of the time if we are going to order more shirts, and after folding the laundry this weekend and realizing that our shirts are just plain worn out, I've decided that it's definitely time.

So, here's the deal. The shirts are going to be the same design that we did before. I may change it sometime in the future, but this one still seems fitting to us. They will be a white tee, and will cost only $6 each. We aren't making any kind of profit off of this, and if more people order than we expect, that cost may go down a bit.

If you would like one, then please send me an email at teamcarterjay at gmail dot com, and we'll work it out. Sorry, but there aren't any kids' sizes this time. We're going to be ordering Adult Smalls for our little ones for now.

I want to get this order in by the weekend, so I'll need to know soon. I know a lot of us would like to sport our new Carter gear during the Festival Of Trees :)

Thank you so SO SO much for all of the Carter Love! We are surrounded by the best support system ever, and I KNOW that we wouldn't have made it through the last couple of years without it.

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