November 7, 2011

Thankful For Tea Parties

Dear Carter,
I read to your little sister every night at bedtime, and on Saturday night we read the book, "The Word's Biggest Tea Party". It's about the ponies from My Little Pony and how they decide to throw a huge tea party. At the end of the story, I noticed a recipe for a kid friendly tea and an idea sparked in my head. I asked your sister if she would like to have a tea party with me, and saw her eyes light up immediately. She gave me a big nod and began spouting off question after question.

"And I can drink the tea"
"Can Brutus come?"
"Yep, and you can invite two more of your little friends"
"Can it be Peacotty and Thunderbolt?"
"What is tea?"
"It's a hot drink...kind of like coffee, but we'll make it sweet so you'll like it"
"Can we drink it out of the snowmen cups?"
"If you want to"
"Can we have treats?"
"Of course!"

She went on and on and on until finally I had to put an end to it, and just tell her that it was time to go to sleep. Of course she called me into her room about twenty minutes later to tell me to remind her if she forgot.

I told her that we would do it on Monday, but that she'd have to make me an invitation...and one for Brutus of course!

There are so SO many times when I feel like my life, or rather the lives of my kids, feel like they are just speeding by. If there is one thing that you taught me, it's that I can't take any of these moments for granted. I have to try my best to just slooooooowwwww way down, and do these types of things more often. This has been easier said then done, because when Monday came around, and I still didn't feel very good and just wanted to sit on the couch, I really wanted to postpone the party....but I forced myself to get up and start making the tea....and you know what?? It was a blast! We listened to Christmas music, and had our treats (which ended up being Halloween candy), and chatted about what movies she wants to watch for Christmas. It was a nice relaxing afternoon with my girl. She's growing up, and it won't be long until she'll be at school all day long and I won't get the opportunity to do these things with her.

I think we'll do it again tomorrow.


Heidi said...

This post made my heart happy. What a lucky little girl!

Colleen said...

How adorable! Enjoy every moment, they do grow up so fast!

Anonymous said...

(: I'm glad that you had such a good time.

Michelle said...

Precious, and you are so right, happens in a blink.