January 5, 2013

A World Of Barbie

Dear Carter,

Today was another freezing cold day which made it the perfect opportunity to snuggle up with your big sis and watch a Barbie movie.

The thing about Barbie movies is that they are soooooo magical. Usually the lead character (who isn't usually named Barbie) has some sort of magical power. In this particular movie, she had a hairbrush that could change her entire hairstyle with a swipe over her head. This is the kind of world that Jovie lives in. Where movies like this could really "maybe" happen in real life. Although lately I've noticed that she's trying hard to decipher what is real or fake.

As cheesy as it sounds, it's kind of nice to cuddle up to her and live in her world for a little while. I loathe the day when she grows too old for these types of movies. Why does she have to grow up so fast? I really need to be BETTER at slowing down with her and seeing the world through her eyes because it won't be long before her world won't be so innocent anymore.

I knew that there would come a day when I would lose you.... I just thought that I had more time. Don't we always?? I remember rocking you and smelling you and listening to you and kissing on you and cuddling with you and thinking to myself that I needed to imprint every single second with you in my mind. And you know what?? I kind of did although there are certain things that seem a little fuzzy now. It only takes a small trigger to bring it all back to life. I feel like from now on I need to do the same with Daddy, Mikey, Jovie, and all of my family and friends. I need to make every single second count because life flies by so dang fast. Of course this is easy to say., and a little harder to do because sometimes day to day life gets in the way, but I am telling you that I am going to try.

I'm going to keep trying to be better.

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