November 27, 2009

8 Months Old

Today, Carter is 8 months old.


It seems like he's always been here :)

Well, Carter decided that he wanted to make life a little more interesting for Thanksgiving.  He started having these episodes that look a lot like seizures.  I'm not totally convinced that they are seizures though.  This might sound crazy, but I'm almost completely confident that they have something to do with acid reflux.  Michael has had a bit of a stomach bug this week, and I think that Carter caught it too which maybe made his Prevacid a little less effective.  He had four of these episodes yesterday, and they only happened when he fell asleep AND was laying flat.  If he was sleeping sitting up, he was just fine.  I finally gave him an extra antacid and had him sleep in his swing all night, and he's been completely fine since 8:00 last night.  Either way, we're going to make an appointment with a Neurologist.  I'm really praying that I'm right about this because it would be a lot less serious than seizures, but if that's what is now in store for us we'll take it on.  So, to all of our Primary friends, which Neurologist do you recommend?

Even though we ended up eating our dinner reheated in the microwave since Carter had issues right when we sat down to eat, it was a pretty good Thanksgiving.


Lacey said...

Ugh thats a tough question. With all of Jaxsons out of control siezures, he's seen every doctor in there. I would recommend Dr. Filloux. Its pronounced fee-u. He is the head of the department and the only one that has actually helped us with Jax.

Kristin said...

I can't remember who we saw up there. My (non-Ds) daughter had a seizure when she was about 23 months old, related to teething and having a fever. If he has anymore, be sure and time them. I do remember that the neurologist said that was helpful info to give them. Good luck. Max just started Prevacid this week for his post-surgery reflux. Hoping it does the trick. Good luck!

Phyllis said...

Yikes! Hoping you are right and it is related to the reflux. How scary for you guys. Keeping you in my prayers.

Amy - AKA - TigerMommie said...

Oh, I do hope you are right.........
Happy 8 months!