November 1, 2009

Our Halloween

I haven't gotten that article scanned in yet, so I'm going to try my very hardest to get it posted tomorrow.  Instead, here's how our Halloween went...

The kids had a fun time.  I felt like a bad mom because we didn't even carve our pumpkins until Halloween day.  Ughhh!  I hate it when I procrastinate (which if you know me, I do a lot of) and end up rushing things like this.  In my defense, we had planned on doing it the night before, but time got away from us because Carter had a random bad day with his breathing.  Here are the older kids carving away.  Jovie's pumpkin was so tiny but took the longest to get the seeds out of.  It was one of those rare moments when Mikey was being extremely helpful and cute about getting all of the seeds out.  Carter slept through all of it.

Here's the very cute outfit that my grandma sent for Carter.  Awww...isn't he the most precious boy!  He had just woken up so there were no smiles coming from him.  Can't you see how he would have a crooked smile...just like Edward?

Finally, it was time for the good ole' trick or treating.  Jovie was thrilled that we colored her hair purple.  Carter is looking at me like "seriously... what are we doing?", and Mikey was all business.  Get the candy and move on!

We have another big week ahead of us.  Tuesday is the big "hearing aid day" for Carter.  We're so excited!  Thursday we meet with the Pulmonologist to discuss the sleep study.  She already sent us a letter with the results, so we know that she thinks that CPAP would be beneficial to him.  No problem... bring it on!


LC said...

Could they be any cuter??

Megs said...

Cute costume Carter! My son was sporting that very same look on Halloween. Great minds think alike!