November 8, 2009

The Big Move

Carter made a big move this weekend. 

When he sleeps, he usually sleeps here (picture a pack and play there). About a foot away from Mama.

Now, he sleeps here:

About 10 feet away from Mama.
OK, so maybe it wasn't a "big" move, but it was big for Carter and me.

We had been using a Pack and Play as a crib next to me, but it just wasn't working for us any more, so we moved Carter's crib into our room.  I wish we would have done it a LOT sooner because everyone seems so much more comfortable.  Michael even put up a shelf above his crib that holds his monitor, diapers, and feeding bag.  I cleaned out a drawer in our dresser for extra blankets and jammies since he has a tendency to need a change in the middle of the night.  I think that he likes the new sleeping arrangement.

Mikey is sick.  I've been holding off on taking him to the doc, but am finally giving in this afternoon.  He's got a low fever and sore throat, so I'm guessing that he's been plagued by the Tonsilitis which gets him every Fall. Wish us luck!


Kristin said...

Woohoo! (Just don't trip over the cords/tubes crossing your floor! - I do this all the time in the dark.))

Phyllis said...

aww, that is awesome! Very pretty crib too!

Sherry C said...

That is a big move my daughter came home on Oxygen and slept in a bassinet until she was a year old she was little. We also had an oxygen monitor it was always going off. I hope your getting more sleep then I was back them. My daughter is 4 1/2 now that feels like a long time ago now thank goodness