November 8, 2009

Strep. Yep, I said it. Strep.

Mikey has Strep.  I must say that I'm not surprised since it seems like he gets some sort of throat illness every Fall.  He told me late Friday that he had a sore throat.  I pushed it off as no big deal.  On Saturday he was running a fever of about 100 for most of the day, but Tylenol knocked it down a bit. Still had a sore throat.

He started to act much better, so I thought it was probably just a little bug.  I made a doc appointment for that night, but since he was doing better I cancelled it.  I was afraid of taking him amongst the "flu ridden".

Sunday morning he woke up with no fever, but a little sore throat.  I made another appointment, but he came right out of it again.  He acted COMPLETELY fine, so I cancelled it again. 

Finally, by afternoon he said his throat hurt again so I made an appt and stuck to it.

He has Strep.

He's on antibiotics.

I'm going to bed now.

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