November 16, 2009

Somewhat Uneventful

Not much going on here. Carter had his Occupational Therapist come today, and he thought that Carter was doing well with reaching for objects. I was actually really shocked to hear that since it didn't seem as though he was reaching for much to me. The OT showed me some examples of reaching, and he's totally right. Carter's a reacher now lol!

He seems to be getting stronger. We've been doing a LOT of exercises on a Pilates ball, and that seems to be helping. He's started to do that scooting thing where he'll start at one point, and his head will stay in the same spot, but his feet will end up diagonal from where he started. Hey! That's a start!

I'm hoping to get some family pictures done for our Christmas cards.... wish me luck on that. I think that it's tougher to get Michael to do it rather than the kids.


Kristin said...

My hubby hates family pictures too. What's the big deal? The wife picks out all the outfits and makes the appt. All they have to do is smile - why is that so hard :)

Lacey said...

Good luck on those pics. I just did it of the kids and left me and hubby out. Sometimes its easier that way. If your close we'd love to see you Friday at Jaxsons party. Let me know.