November 20, 2009


Seriously, do you get much cuter than that?  I took his O2 off for his bath, and couldn't resist.  That's a typical Carter smile right there.  Awww.  Now, I want to go and wake him up just to kiss his cheeks. This picture makes him look like such a big boy.  Sometimes I wonder what Carter would be like if he didn't have a Chromosomal Disorder.  The answer is that he wouldn't be Carter.  I'm so glad that God sent us THIS little boy.  He's the sweetest thing ever!  As frustrating as things get with him, it's also so much more fun to raise a special needs child.  You get excited over EVERY new thing that they do. Even Mikey will come and tell me if Carter moves his hand in a new way, or smiles at him. It makes life much more exciting.

Today was our first day of vacation. OK, so we're not going anywhere, but Michael is off from work for the next ten days so we're counting it! On our first day of vacation we got our pics done for the Christmas card, and Michael finished putting up the Christmas lights. Exciting eh? That pic isn't going to be posted yet, but let me say that even with all of the flaws, I'm pretty impressed with it considering it was taken with a self timer and a tripod.

Carter had vision therapy today, but wanted no part of it. He's been doing really well with trying to roll over and hold his head up when he's on his tummy. The strength is coming slowly but surely.  I'm so glad that we started Physical Therapy recently.  I really think that it has helped him. I have it set so that his OT and PT come on opposite weeks, so Carter gets that type of therapy once a week. I also think that we're getting close to the first laugh. If anyone can make him do it, it's going to be Daddy. Carter's starting to really appreciate his jokes. At least someone does. (totally kidding Michael)


Colleen said...

Awww, he has such a sweet little face! It's so true that having a special needs child makes you appreciate every new accomplishment even more. That will be fun when he laughs for the first time!

Megs said...

Enjoy your "vacation"!! He is getting to be so BIG, glad to hear that he's making some good progress. He sure is in the best home possible!