November 9, 2009

Orton Hears A Who...

Strange title for a post huh.

We're watching the Broncos game while Michael paces back and forth yelling at Kyle Orton to put a drive together. It brought to mind the fantasy football team name that Michael came up with and hence the title of my post was born.

I found it a little ironic since tomorrow Carter *should* be getting his hearing aid.   I just might lose it if the Audiologist calls to postpone.  I'm ready for our two month break from doctors and appointments to begin.  Only therapies at home for the next couple of months once we get this one under our belt.

Mikey is feeling much better.  In fact, he's been driving me crazy today with all of his energy.  Thank goodness he can return to school tomorrow.

Wish us luck tomorrow, and hopefully I'll have some pics to post of the denim and white headband!