August 23, 2011

Beefcake : The Movie!

Dear Carter,

Your brother has been working on a project for the entire Summer, and we are so proud to say that it's finally finished! He did all of the filming by himself, and had several ideas on which way he wanted this to go. Since he obviously hasn't ever used any video editing software before, I had to help him in that department, but I promise that I only did what he asked me to. Mikey told me a long time ago that he wanted to be a director when he grows up, and I think that it just might be likely! He's got quite the imagination, and I think a natural knack for this. So, here it is. Beefcake: The Movie. He's already working on the sequel!

P.S. Yes, he does say "Behind Mars". That's how he thought the saying went, and I didn't want to correct him because it was so adorable ;)

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