August 1, 2011

Days Go By

Dear Carter,

I miss you a lot today.

Things have been going OK, but there have been a few trials over the past couple of weeks which have made me think to myself that they would be so SO much easier to endure if you were here with me. There are times when your Daddy and I start to think..."really God, haven't we endured enough?". Seconds later I feel guilty for thinking that way because honestly things could be a lot worse. We really are blessed, and we KNOW that. It's just easy to act like a toddler sometimes and throw a little tantrum.

Your brother and sister have been keeping me busy. We've taken a trip to the zoo, spent a lot of time at the library, and even more time just playing in our backyard. I'm not ready for the Summer to be over, so I'm trying to savor these last three weeks. Mikey agrees with me, and would love for it to be Summer all year round. Your sister is so excited to start Kindergarten that she just can't stand it. As much as I don't want her to grow up, I'm trying hard to enjoy these moments with her because I know that it's likely to be the last time that I send a little sweetie off to the first day of "real" school.

I noticed today that it might be time to change the picture of you on our fridge. I kiss it at least a couple of times a day, and I can start to see some "wear" on your cheek. I hope that you can feel my kisses and that you know how much we love and miss sweet baby boy.

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my life: said...

praying He sustains your broken always.