August 28, 2011

Wild Kingdom

Dear Carter,

We kicked off Mikey's birthday weekend with a quick trip to the zoo. We got our season pass a couple of trips ago, but Daddy hadn't had a chance to come with us until this time. It was a nice day out, and your brother and sister loved hanging out as a family. I think it was this day out that made us realize just how much we have missed being together this Summer, and as a result we went on a mini-vacation this weekend (pics to come!).

I actually have a picture of your brother on this very same caterpillar that was taken when he was only one year old! I need to pull it out for a comparison. Actually, maybe I don't because it just might make me sad to see how much he's grown. Time flies!

This Giraffe was crazy! That is his tongue that is hanging down to lick that tree. Jovie giggled and giggled and giggled every time he did it.

It was an excellent day, and I'm so glad that we got some family time in before school started.
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