August 21, 2011

Mikey's Day

Dear Mikey,

Happy Birthday to you my sweet boy! I can't believe that eight years ago today we welcomed you into our world. I remember how nervous I was to be your Mommy because you were so SO adorable and I didn't want to mess you up! You were a true joy for us. You were the CUTEST baby and you were SO FUN. Daddy and I were just learning what it means to be a parent, and we were lucky that we got you as our first teacher.

Thank you for being such a wonderful big brother to your sister and baby brother. I KNOW that Jovie feels comfortable about starting school with knowing that you are in the same building. I love how you are always thinking of Jovie and Carter. You find ways to make them feel special, and I appreciate it.

I love you more than you can know, and I'm still going to beg you to just stay seven because quite honestly I don't want you to grow up. I want you to always be OK with holding my hand, and snuggling, and hugging me, and kissing me. I know that you must grow up, and I am proud of you for it. I hope that you have an amazing year at school, and wish you luck tomorrow on your very first day of second grade!

Happy 8th Birthday!


Brett said...

Why is Gavin's twin 8 if Gavin is 7?

Kristin said...

Happy birthday :)

Phyllis said...

Happy Birthday Mikey!! I hear ya Heather! Its so bittersweet as they get bigger and more independent!