January 9, 2012

Memory Candles

Dear Carter,

Earlier this year, we were surprised with a fabulous gift on our front door step.  It is a light that says "Lit in Memory Of Carter".  Since we received it, it seems as though we ALWAYS have that thing lit.  I'm not sure why, but having a candle lit for you has always made us feel as though you are here with us.

We decided that we really wanted to give something like this to our family members, so that you would always have a candle lit somewhere.  We gave two of these bigger blocks to your Grandmas and Grandpa, and then we made some smaller candles holders for your aunts and uncles.  I am so pleased with how they turned out.
They were super easy to make too!  I just printed off the saying on a piece of vellum.  I found some adorable star vellum paper at Hobby Lobby along with these craft blocks.  Since I am seriously challenged when it comes to mod podge (and I know it's tough to use on vellum anyway), I used spray adhesive and it worked perfectly!  Next, Daddy got these candle flicker lights at Lowe's which we just stuck up through the hole in the bottom.  Now, we just have to flip a switch to get your candle going!

For the smaller candles, I printed off the same saying and wrapped it around a glass candle holder.  Then I put one of those flicker tea lights in there.  They turned out adorable, but I didn't get a picture  before I gave them all out. Everybody was very excited to get these, so I'm glad that we were able to give them out.  I hope you can feel the love that everybody has for you!

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Colleen said...

What a great idea. I'm sure Carter loves knowing that so many candles are lit for him. What a loved little man!