January 6, 2012

One Word For 2012

Dear Carter,

Your new website, Carter's Hope, is still coming right along.  We could certainly use some more stories of hope if any of our readers would like to participate :).  You can click the link on the sidebar over there <---------  to find out more info.  I just posted our second story, and have a few more ready to go!  I'm so excited and nervous at the same time.

I've been reflecting on 2011, and overall it really wasn't too bad of a year.  It started off a bit rocky when Grandpa Jay went to be with you, but then we got to participate in the Operation Smile 5K, which reminds me that I should contact the organizer of that race....it's coming up!!  We added this cute little guy to our family....good thing he's cute because we dropped $100 on him today at the vet for an ear infection (what?!?!).

We went on a really good vacation to California which was excellent since Daddy got a promotion soon after that and had to be gone for a lot of the Summer at classes required for his new job.

Then we got to go on that fun mini-vacation to Park City.  Daddy and I got to go on our dream vacation to see our teams play each other in Denver.

Then we had a successful year at The Festival Of Trees, and I got a job.

It's been simply a crazy year.  After all of that, I'd have to say it was a good year for our family, but on the flipside it seems as though it was a not so good year because you weren't here with us.

I've seen a lot of blog posts with people writing down one word that they would like to define their 2012.  I have no idea what this year will bring, but I immediately thought of one word.

and that word is BREATHE.

I just need to keep on breathing.  At times the missing you feels so overwhelming that it literally feels as though it is squeezing my chest....making it impossible to BREATHE, but the thing is....it gets better if I just keep on breathing.

And then I always remember that with every single breath I take,
It brings me one breath closer to you.

I love you sweetie.

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Kris said...

We chose the same word. :) I blogged about mine last week. I think it will be a good one for the year. On days when I can't do anything else, I can breathe, right?! So I'm automatically a success. :)