June 15, 2011

The Fire Department

Dear Carter,
I'm sure that post title might have gotten some attention! I was just uploading some pictures from our trip to the Aviary today (which was planned before the trauma of yesterday), and I realized that I hadn't blogged about a couple of important events yet.
So here we go, prepare for a couple of days of catch up!

During the last week of school, it is tradition for our city's fire department to spray down the students. The weather had been pretty bad that week, but they still went through with it. We were lucky that the weather did warm up a bit for at least that part of the day. Your brother was so cute and would shepherd Jovie through the crowd. Most of the time he was either holding her hand, or had his arm around her. I just love that brotherly love!
They got drenched!!

They kept on running over to me, and then would go back in for another round. All of the kids thought this was the coolest thing ever!

Our weather has been so off and on, that it wasn't until late last week that your brother and sister got to play in the water again. They FINALLY got the hang of the Slip and Slide.

Let the Summer water fun begin!

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Allison said...

Wow, I've never heard of that! How fun!!!

Happy Summer! :)