June 2, 2011

Random Acts Of Carter - Complete!

Dear Carter,

I really need to give credit to the students of Hug High in Nevada. They took this little project that we started for you, and turned it into something huge! Every day they posted more and more good deeds that they did in your name. Here are just a few of my favorites:

Then for their final act they cleaned up the children's library courtyard. Here's what Lila had to say about it:
The kids did a clean up of the children's library for our final Random Act of Carter. They worked hard and got the open courtyard completely clean and useable and planted flowers. The courtyard was full of garbage and stuff and totally unusable ...now it is lovely.


Here's what else she had to say: My students wanted you to know they haven't taken off the bracelets and won't until they've raised $500 for Operation Smile. They have a fundraising plan for the whole summer . They wanted me to tell you they won't give up no matter what. They want to do Carter proud.

Thank you so much to all of the students who participated in this. You helped us in more ways than you can imagine. We LOVE HUG HIGH!!

I'd like to thank everybody else who participated in this as well. I know that there are still a few people working on projects, and that is awesome! I think I'll actually try to keep this up all year. It feels so good doing things to make the world more beautiful, and to remember how beautiful my baby boy was. Thank you!

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